Go Deaf Missions relies on the prayers of supporting churches and individuals. We are thankful for the many people who mention praying for us on a daily baisis. There are a number of ways you can pray for our ministry:

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Team Spiritual Needs

  • General requests:

– For growth for team members in their area of ministry

– For God to prepare the hearts of the Deaf

– For God to put a heart for the Deaf in churches

– For God to open international travel, keep the team fit and protect the team from illness and injury

– For God to send us additional team members

– For God to help team members raise their support

– To develop materials in sign language

– To develop videos presenting the Gospel in multiple sign languages

  • Anna’s requests:

– For the salvation of unsaved relatives

  • Marie’s requests:

– For the salvation of unsaved members of the immediate family

– For opportunities to share the gospel with colleagues

– For my testimony to be a witness to all my co-workers

– For a willing leader for the Deaf Ministry in my home church who can disciple our Deaf men

  • The Olson’s requests:

– For unity in our family and our team

– For God to work in the lives of our children

– For wisdom in leadership

– For victory in the lives of some people we are counseling

– To walk circumspectly in such a changing world

Team Personal Needs

  • General requests:

– To finish raising our full support

– For international travel to re-open

– For a place to house our team in Portugal

– For furniture for the house in Portugal

– For transportation for Portugal

– For European Health Insurance for the team

      • Anna’s requests:

      – For more teachers on the Go Team

      • Marie’s requests:

      – To successfully create a deputation video

      – For lockdowns in Australia to end

      • The Olson’s requests:

      – For God to do his will in David’s eyes

      Ministry Equipment

      Team Spiritual Needs

      Team Personal Needs

      Ministry Equipment Needs